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Metro Council Candidate Serviced Residents of District 5

BATON ROUGE, LA – Today, Metro Council Candidate Daniel Banguel of District 5 serviced more than 1,000 residents in the Glen Oaks, Zion City, and surrounding areas with flood relief items. Banguel joined forces with a National Non-Profit Organization called East Coast Large Cars Inc., to organize distribution from all over the country to bring items to District 5. The items that were distributed were toiletry items, clothing, shoes, water, food, personal hygiene items, and cleaning supplies.

“This is the first time something this large have come to the heart of this community and I am glad that I made it happen. Cars were lined up all the way to Plank Rd and to see so many smiles made me realize how important it is to represent them on the Metro Council”. said Banguel

Teyon Harmon president of East Coast Large Cars Inc. came as far as Maryland to help bring flood relief items to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The organization believes in helping others recover during difficult times.

“I would like to thank Daniel Banguel and District 5 for allowing us to come down and spread the love, the blessings and allowing the people of your community to see that there are a lot of caring folks out there who just have their hearts full of love that enjoy giving to those in need. On behalf of ECLC Inc. We would like to thank the State of Louisiana for accepting our blessings”. Said Harmon

Among those in attendance were State Senator Regina Barrow and State Representative Edmond Jordan which both gave proclamations on behalf of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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