Daniel Banguel is a Political Strategist, Community Organizer, Community Activist, and Motivational Speaker. He is noted for his use of social media to promote charitable, religious, and social causes. He is the owner, senior writer, and publisher for Pen Point News . He is also the host of an Urban radio/ digital show in Louisiana, the Daniel Banguel Show. The show talks about social issues that affect urban communities by presenting positive solutions.

As a Political Strategist, Banguel is noted for leading the Judge Ron Johnson’s campaign. Banguel was the first black chief political strategist to win a parish-wide judicial race in Division L. Banguel has successfully won several parish-wide and statewide political races. 

As a Community Organizer, Banguel is recently noted for holding a graduation ceremony for Virginia College students after the school recently announced the shutdown of all of its campuses nationwide. Banguel took the initiative to give back by setting a date for the graduation ceremony and organized an impressive list of speakers, including the Commissioner of Higher Education. 

Banguel also coordinated hurricane relief items from various areas of the country to assist victims in Houston, TX who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  

As a writer, Banguel has broken national news stories in which millions of readers have read his editorials. Banguel has been sourced by national news outlets such as: The Washington Post, The New York Times, New York Daily News, News One, CNN, BET News, The Root, and many other local and state news outlets. Banguel is best known for his investigative journalism.

As a motivational speaker, Banguel has been featured as the keynote speaker at various schools, conferences, political rallies, and community outreach events. He has also given several interviews to local and national newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations. Banguel has a unique way of capturing audiences' attention by using his candor abilities. Banguel has been a featured guest on many programs which include: a featured panelist on the Louisiana Public Broadcasting televised show, Bullying in Louisiana, special guest on "Black and White" a statewide television show hosted by Diana Andrews, A featured panelist at the Southern University Division of Continuing Education’s Statewide Conference “Bullying: A Call for Action”, a keynote speaker for the Grandparents raising Grandchildren Annual State-Wide Conference and Louisiana Association of Private Colleges and Schools Annual State Conference. Banguel has also served as a featured panelist along with many other national, state, and local elected officials on community projects.

As a community activist, Banguel uses his radio show to advocate awareness on many social justice issues in hopes of educating the community with positive solutions. Banguel has organized peaceful protest marches, voter registration drives, and many social justice focus group sessions. 

Banguel is an elected member of the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee, representing District 29. Banguel also represents the 2nd Congressional District within the Democratic Party Executive Leadership Team.

Banguel is the founder of The Louisiana Educational Advancement Project, a nonprofit that is committed to helping children in at-risk communities graduate high school. 

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