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Will Alton Sterling get Justice? Not looking good!!

The misunderstanding of the "Black Lives Matter" movement is not that it is a pro black movement, but its simply about the inequality and the failure to treat black people with the same fairness as our Caucasians brothers and sisters. The harsh reality is that the 'bad' officers have always gotten away with killing innocent black men for decades, however due to recent technology of camera phones, we can actually witness the acts.

In the the recent incident in Baton Rouge, La, an innocent man lost his life and was witnessed being killed by police and black people are now tired and will not tolerate this anymore. Alton Sterling was known around the community as a pleasant man who was about taking care of his family. Mr. Sterling may not have had the ideal job, but he was able to provide for his family. We can all agree that Mr. Sterling did not deserve to lose his life!

Alton Sterling's death received the attention of the nation and millions watched the graphic killing by law enforcement. It is no secret that law enforcement and the black community's relationship have been nonexistent, since pre-Civil Rights era.

Now lets fast-forward to July 2016...

A black man is shot six times by law enforcement which video surveillance indicated that Mr. Sterling was on the ground and held down by two police officers. The officers indicated that Mr. Sterling reached for his gun that justified the fatal shots to him.

Now something is clearly wrong with that picture..

Based on the video, you see the officer removed the gun from Mr. Sterling pockets which seems that it was not easily accessible to take out in the position in which Mr. Sterling was in. Also, no Emergency Unit was called immediately following the gun shots.

So I have many questions that I need answers to.. .

Would we be protesting if there was no third party video footage?

Why was there no immediate response from Chief Carl Dabadie of the Baton Rouge Police Department to the city regarding the death of Mr. Sterling?

Why haven't the Mayor called the families of the victim?

What is the real reason the District Attorney Office recuse themselves from the case?

Why haven't other local non-black elected officials come forth publicly with statements?

seems like to me that no one wants to have any accountability to this case...


Now the case is in the Attorney General Office, which by the way, have a strong supporter of the Blue Lives Matter Bill at the helm..

Questions! Questions! Questions!


Stay Tuned!!

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