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Southern Hospitality at its Best

Words can not describe the emotions from the thousands of residents who watched helplessly as their homes were washed away by the catastrophic flood. More than 40,000 homes were damaged and more than a dozen citizens lost their lives due to this horrific disaster.

As a black man from North Baton Rouge, I have witness racial divide in Baton Rouge nearly my entire life. I have seen how social status, politics, skin color, sexual preference, and religious views have virtually destroyed the very fabric of our city. So my next question is, Why would anyone want to live in Southern Louisiana?

Is it a bad thing that Louisianan have pride regarding things that they are most passionate about?

Is race often a topic of discussion that gets the most buzz in the press?

Is there really a mason dixon line that separates the rich from the poor?

Are politicians more focus on themselves and their career than the community that they serve?

In Baton Rouge there are many questions that often go unanswered.

But today we can forged a new question, Can we work together despite our differences?

and that is a simple answer, YES we can.

The word "Change" is often a word that is use so frequently without it ever actually being used for its true meaning.

Louisianans are very resilient as we have been forced to rebuild countless times before and in these times of rebuilding there is always hope that we can rebuild ourselves to be better men and women.

Baton Rouge STRONG!!!!

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