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So Why Protest? Why Black Lives Matter?

It has been over a century since the Emancipation Proclamation and the black community is still subjected to unfair treatment. African Americans spend more money than any other race in America yet still have the lowest house hold income in America averaging around $35,000.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 3,215,000 blacks in this country who have a bachelor’s degree. And there are an additional 1,078,000 African Americans who have both a four-year college degree and a master’s degree. An additional 150,000 blacks hold a professional degree in fields such as law, business, and medicine. Another 136,000 African Americans have obtained a doctorate. Overall an estimated 4,579,000 African Americans possess a four-year college degree or higher yet only 1% of African Americans hold top levels positions in fortune 500 companies.

Lets bring this to a more personal level! Let's take the data to the southern state of Louisiana.

The total population in Louisiana is 4,533,372. African Americans make up 32% of the Louisiana population estimating around 1,452,679. The current estimated unemployment rate for African Americans in Louisiana is 11% roughly close to 159,794 unemployed African Americans.

Still haven't hit home to why African Americans are protesting?

Louisiana has an estimated 39,000 inmates with more than 60% of the Louisiana prisoners being African-American. Louisiana has the highest incarceration per capita in the United States.

Louisiana leads all other states in percentage of inmates serving life sentences without the possibility of parole, according to NPR. Louisiana also exceeds the national average for the number of nonviolent offenders kept behind bars. The Times-Picayune noted that two convictions of auto theft can net a sentence of 24 years without parole. Three convictions on drug related charges can lead to a life sentence.

Still haven't hit home to why African Americans are protesting?

Louisiana have the third highest rate of poverty in the United States; African Americans contributes to over 30% of the poverty percentage in Louisiana.

Still having trouble understanding why African Americans are protesting?

This is so much bigger than police officers killing unarmed black men. Police officers are merely pawns in this game of chess and in most circumstances, also the weakest in the game. So the question is who is really calling the shots? Police Officers are merely the distraction to those who are in power that are controlling the cash flow. Have you ever asked yourself how is it that police still justify killing black men even with evidence presented? It makes you think about who are the real Kings and Queens of this game.

So I guess the real question is.....

How can you ever win at this game call life when you can never be the King or Queen?

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